Saturday, May 31, 2008

Zach's nature hike

It was so funny, because Zach was leading the way in the beginning, and then he wanted me in front, because he thought we were going to see snakes.
I just look a little too happy about carrying 25lbs on my back
Zach was in heaven being with his uncle Brett
Aww, what a cute little hiker
This was very treacherous crossing on this log, Zach did an awesome job.
Ty balancing like a champ
Brooklyn had to get out of the backpack so she could walk across the bridge

Zach has been begging us to take him hiking up Holbrook canyon for almost a month now. We keep telling him we will and we were planning on it on Memorial day, but it rained all day. So tonight he finally got to go. I hadn't been up that canyon since highschool and it brought back a lot of fun memories. It had cooled down just enough that it was perfect for the hike. He was so excited because his uncle Brett had just arrived from Omaha, so he got to come with us. Zach found lots of black beetles and little green and black worms that hang from the trees and land on you. Sick. It was a very easy little climb and really fun. The kids loved it. We would have kept going except the next crossing of the river was impossible. In a couple of months when the runoff isn't so high you would be able to step on rocks all the way across the river, but it was too deep today. All in all it was a fun little adventure.


Annemarie said...

How fun! I am really impressed with your backpack skills.

Kellie and Nick said...

Fun! I'm sure you've discovered zach's new favorite outing. Must not have been to intense...cuz Ty and Brett are sporting their flip flops :)

alison said...

So when you said that going to the canyon brought back memories, did you run through that canyon topless as well?

Rachel said...

Yeah, backpacking the little kids is the way to go. Scott wants to hike Timp, but maybe we should practice on Holbrook first. I think he's forgeotten how steep and L-O-N-G that Timp hike is! Looks like you all had fun!

diane said...

The balancing pic made me nervous. I like your cuff!

Lawsons said...

looks beautiful, I haven't been on a hike in so long. looks like fun- Holbrook canyon brings back memories for me too!

Candi said...

what a great day for hiking....tanner doesn't like snakes either. i think i helped him out a little on that....we should plan something when amy comes in town!