Thursday, February 28, 2008

another nap down the drain

This morning I had a dentist appointment, so I took Zach to school and then I went to my appointment. I left Brooklyn at home with my mom. After I was finished, I picked Zach up from school and then ran a quick errand. I was home at around noon and here was Brooklyn passed out on the kitchen floor. My mom is chatting away on her phone with her mother. Don't even think that I am blaming my mother for any of this, because I am not. But of course she woke up within five minutes of us being home. So for the second time this week she has gone without a nap. You might ask, what is the big deal? Well, in the grand scheme of things it really isn't. But on a day to day basis this is a big thing for her little two year old body. It did make for a cute picture, don't you think?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Swimming for Family Night

Brooklyn was so excited to go swimming, but she was asleep within seconds of getting in the car
Zach was loving the hot tub. He needs to get his skills back from last summer.

We decided to have a fun family night since the kids had been missing us over the weekend so we took them swimming at the hotel Mike and Bailey were staying in. Good times.

vegas vegas vegas...

Tyson and Mike on the red carpet. they feel so cool.

We were able to take a short trip to vegas this past weekend and it was awesome. We ate lots of good food, did lots of shopping, and had fun with good friends.Oh yea, and went to the 311 concert. It was nice to get away from the kids for a couple of days. It was a couple of days too short is all, but I am so happy we got to go!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun with your Nose

This morning the kids and I were running some errands. While driving in the car, I can hear Brooklyn in the backseat saying "two babies two babies". Zach meanwhile, is laughing HYSTERICALLY. I asked what is so funny and I look back and she has a booger on each index finger and she is touching them together say "two babies". What? I couldn't do anything else, except laugh myself and then tell her to wipe them on the tissue before they ended up in her mouth. Then the rest of the car ride Zach kept telling her to pick her nose because he wanted some more laughs. So, there is the highlight of my morning.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Zach and Sam

These two have some pretty entertaining conversations when they are together, here is a sample of one that I was able to overhear.
sam "hey where did you get that car?"
zach "well, there's this GIRL and her name is Omaha Grandma, she gave it to me."
sam "does she live in Omaha?"
zach "yeah she does with my papa.
sam "oh is his name omaha papa?"
zach "nope, just papa"
i don't know, maybe his mom and I will be the only ones to enjoy this, sorry.
this is one of the few that doesn't include the potty talk that dominates their conversations.

ooh la la

I asked Tyson what he would like me to make for his valentines dinner and this is what he chose. Baked salmon, twice baked potatoes, ceasar salad, and texas toast. It was a delicious valentines day meal. Zach and Brooklyn even liked most of it. They couldn't get enough salmon. I gave them each a small piece of fish and they gobbled it up and kept asking for more.
The grateful husaband on valentines day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

dun dun dun! the naughty chair!

After many failed attempts at trying to discipline Brooklyn in her room, this is her first experience on the naughty chair. Why do you ask? Is this sweet little girl being punished? What could SHE have done wrong? Amongst many others, she pushed her 1 year old little cousin off of her bed. She always tells me when she does it. "push baby." She did stay on the chair for the full 2 minutes, although she was complaining "no pank no pank." it doesn't matter how soft I tap her on the bum, she breaks into a full on scream of pain and anguish. I do think that we will try the naughty chair again. Soon, I expect. ps. don't worry Rachel it was off of her little toddler bed and Audrey was fine as soon as I picked her up.

through their eyes

Brooklyn and her cousin Hallie were so intrigued by the KISS poster at Applebees. Hallie didn't like the scary mans, Brooklyn really liked the guy with whiskers. she kept saying "kikky kikky!"
The fifth member, notice the red eyes to match
She's not afraid of Kiss, but of course the big pink bus was just TERRIFYING.

I love the way their little minds process it all.

Family Time

Tyson's siblings and their spouses and kids. It was so good to all be together.
Cute little Jack and his Dad Clint
Sophia and Spencer. Can you see the resemblance?(sp)
Ty's awesome Mom and Dad. Good thing his dad doesn't look at my blog.
Me and my sister-in-law Mary

Tyson's Papa passed away unexpectedly two weeks ago. We all flew out for the funeral and veiwing. The only people from tyson's parents family who were not there were my two little people who I left home. It was nice to get to be with all of the family during this time. Tyson has such a great family and it is always nice to be with them. The funeral was sad, of course, but it was also focused so much on the Savior and eternal families. Anyway, I am just thankful that I have such wonderful in-laws.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by Megan, so here are my answers!
A. The rules of the of game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names and then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and that they should read your blog.

10 years ago...

I was 18 years old and being as carefree as I could possibly be. I was a senior in highschool and let's see, february, snowboarding at least twice a week. I had 4 really great girlfriends and we were Always looking for a fun time. I was so excited to graduate from highschool and start college. Wow that seems like a LONG time ago. I would love to go back for just one day and be that carefree again. Just one day though, I have too many good things now.

5 things on my list to do today....

1. work out--check
2. do laundry--check
3. fold laundry--still folding
4. watch American Idol
5. remember to make Tyson a lunch for tomorrow morning!

Snacks I enjoy...

oh wow, the list could go on forever,
diet coke, white chocolate popcorn, macadamia nuts, skittles, I'm just going to stop now. Did I say diet coke?

What would I do if I were suddenly a billionaire?

First things first, lipsuction. Just kidding. Um, first thing would be to buy our OWN house. For now I would pay off the rest of Tyson's student loans and other debt, maybe buy a nicer car, ooh yeah, a Land Rover L7. Those are pretty. Get pregnant. Just wait for Tyson to be done with school so we could know where our lives were headed. And of course, go on a shopping spree for me AND my kids. I have to add that Tyson would keep our Jeep and just turn it into a Moab climber.

3 of my bad habits...

1. raising my voice at my kids. ok, fine, yelling.
2. letting the top of my dresser be way too cluttered
3. blowing diets again and again and again

5 places I have lived...

1.Bountiful, UT
2. Rexburg, ID
3. Omaha, NE
4. Elkhorn, NE
5. Bountiful, UT

5 jobs I have had

1. Lifeguard at Raging Waters
2. Lifetguard at Lagoon-a-beach
3. Copy girl at Gordon's copyprint
4. everything girl at Burton Lumber
5. Waitress at Johnny Carinos, there are more

5 things people don't know about me.
this one's kind of hard for me because I don't consider myself a very private person.
1. My major in college once was Recreation Leisure and Travel. I wonder why my dad asked me to switch.
2. I have carpel tunnel
3. I really LOVE to read.
4. Long fingernails and toenails really gross me out.
5. I am an EXTREMELY light sleeper

ok if you don't want to do it I won't hate you but, I am tagging
Rachel, Kellie, Bailey, Meegan, Annemarie, and Stacy

Saturday, February 2, 2008

mission failed

As you can see in this picture, Brooklyn is wearing a diaper. We are postponing the potty training for a few months until she is REALLY ready. You would think this was my first experience with potty training, but no, I've done it before. She did great for almost a month. Telling me she had to go, never having accidents outside of home, it was going very smooth. For the past week she has decided that; 1:she isn't going to tell me when she has to go EVER, 2:the whole "potty treat" incentive is no longer working, and 3:she obviously prefers defecating in her pants. Over the past four days she has pooped in her pants everysingle day. Yesterday I lost it and took it out on my barely two year old little girl. So, I decided that diapers were going back on. My Mother told me that I was creating a "wedge" between us by getting upset when she peed or pooped her pants, and I probably was. So yesterday I decided what the H, I will just stick a diaper back on her. I left Tyson in charge for a few hours and when she woke up from her nap he put panties back on her. Last night she had yet again, another poop accident. It was a bunch of small little turds that fell out of her undies and through her pant legs onto the floor, sick I know. I thought that I had cleaned everything up. Yes, THOUGHT. We had her cousins over last night and they were all playing in Zach's room. I went in to check on them and I spotted a telltale turd lying on the carpet. Yikes. I said "Hallie, don't move, there's poop on the floor!" She immediately backed up and step right on top of the turd. So for now, our potty training is on vacation. The saddest thing about this, is this morning she came in and I could tell she had gone in her diaper. I said "Brooklyn, did you go poop?" To which she replied "no spank no spank!" It just about broke my heart. I scooped her up, gave her a hug, told her it was ok, and proceeded to go change a stinky diaper. Maybe when she 2 1/2? Oh well.

New Hair!

I know that you are all just so excited to see my new hair color, but I thought I would share it with those of you whom I don't see very often. I went from lots of blonde highlights to darker brown, very close to my natural color. I am very surprised that I liked it right away. Tyson, who prefers me with lighter hair, likes it a lot also. So, I guess it was a good change. ENJOY! ha ha

Friday, February 1, 2008

going fishing

Yesterday was a big day for Zach. Let me give you a little history behind his first fish. He has been asking for a dog for about a year and a half now. Not just any dog, but a black lab. He wants one soooo bad. The reason behind wanting a black lab is that his dad had a black lab named Jackson shortly after we were married. Zach never met the dog, but he randomly asks me, "Mom, when can we get a dog? I really want one." Me, not being a dog person at ALL,responds, "Zach maybe we can get one when we move into a different house." So far, that has seemed to satifsfy him. Just the other day he decided that he would like some fish. That, I can handle. So yesterday, after Tyson got home from work, and after convincing him not to go to the gym, we headed down to Bird World to purchase some fish. Zach was overjoyed and he picked out 3 very brightly colored little fish. So, we have entered the world of pets, if you can call a fish a pet. Zach sure does. He even named them, Frank, Lilly, and Fransisco. They stay in his room up on top of his dresser and he loves them. We'll see how long they live. I really couldn't believe how much it costs to get equipped to own a few measly fish! Yeah for Zach and his new pets!