Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Zach and Brooklyn all geared up to go trick or treating. Don't worry, this picture was taken at about 10:30 this morning. They kept asking all day long, "is it time to go trick or treating yet?"

Little Indiana with all of his gear on. He was so proud of his realistic jacket and weapons.

Little miss Witch. Fully equiped with her broomstick and her black kitty. She did NOT want to wear her witches hat.
It was quite an easy trick or treating experience. Brooklyn was done after about the 7th house and Zach got to go for a little while longer with Annemarie and crew. It was cute because Zach and Sam were both Idiana Jones and Brooklyn and Lizzie were both witches, and we didn't even plan it.

Happy Halloween!!!!


Last night Ty and I went to a halloween party put on by some people in our neighborhood. We had a great time. Lots of yummy food and entertainment.
We opted for the "Punk Rock Goth Theme" I know, I look so hot.
Ty seriously thought he looked so bad A, he loved it a little too much.

Look at that good looking couple!
They gave out prizes at the party for Best costume, funniest, scariest, etc. Guess what prize we won? Most likely to get divorced!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

school bus crush

Zach had his first kindergarten fieldtrip last week and I was one of the lucky moms that got to go with. We loaded up the school bus and drove 30 minutes with 50 screaming kids to the aquarium.

This was the little group I got to be in charge of.
Zach and his buddy Sam so happy to see each other.

Zach chillin out after the fieldtrip.

Take note of the girl in the middle. Her name is Rachel. I got to witness firsthand the serious crush my little boy has on this girl. He was so upset that the little blonde girl wouldn't trade places with him so he could sit by Rachel. I was laughing so hard. I loved watching him trying for her attention. Nice moves Zach, Nice moves.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little Monsters

Yesterday Evening the kids and I were downstairs looking for a movie to watch on demand. Zach wanted to watch Goosebumps, but I couldn't find any. I found the movie "Little Monsters". Zach was so excited to watch it. Brooklyn didn't like the title and told me she didn't want to watch it. Tyson came home from work and decided to watch the show with the kids. It really wasn't a scary show and Zach was loving it. I came down and took one look at Brooklyn's face and new I was in trouble. She told me she wanted to go upstairs so we did.
Well, about 11:30 last night she woke up crying. I went in and she said she was afraid. I said of what? She said there were monsters in her room. GREAT! This is all my fault. I tried everything I could think of to help her feel better but she was so scared. So I scooted her over and got into bed with her. She fell asleep without a problem. At 5:45 this morning she was crying and I went in her room and she said, "The monster is getting me." Aghhhh!! I was so mad at myself for letting her watch even part of that dumb movie. And it was a really dumb movie.
I kept trying to figure out who the monster was because he was so obnoxious. It's Howie Mandell from Deal or No deal! I think that is so funny. He was sooo annoying in this movie.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

all I can say is...WOW...and this post is a whiney one!

The past couple of days have been a little crazy around our house, to say the least. Let me just give you a little glimpse of what my day was like yesterday. Actually, it started out Thursday night, when we had some family issues and I was up until 3 a.m.

Friday morning 6:30 a.m. Brooklyn wakes up because her pull up has leaked through her jammies and soaked everything. Thus, waking up Zach and they were wide awake. (mind you, I went to bed a 3.)

Friday morning 10:00 a.m. Brooklyn announces that she has peed on my bed. I couldn't believe the amount of urine that had traveled all over my bedspread, all three throw pillows and her stuffed cat. I was so angry.

Friday 11:05 a.m. Zach and Brooklyn are downstairs watching a show while I am trying to clean up around the house. I hear Zach crying saying "mom help! mom help" I go downstairs andBrooklyn has managed to wrap my fathers excercise rubberband that is hooked to the treadmill (accident waiting to happen) around her neck several times almost to the point where she can't breathe. Zach is hysterically crying saying "Brooklyn!! Brooklyn!" I managed to unwrap the band from around her neck and then had to unravel the mess that had tangled in her hair like you wouldn't believe. She was bawling throughout this whole ordeal and it did scare me a little too. I thought I was going to have to cut her hair out because the band was wound so tight in her hair. It took a lot of pulling and twisting, and her crying, but we managed to free her hair without any damage. Zach was picked up for school still crying. What a sweet big brother. I just have to say, that was a very tender mercy that he was down there when this happened. It really scared me.

Friday 12:30 p.m. I walk into the kitchen and Brooklyn has a huge smile on her face and says, "I cut my hair." I looked down and there was hair all over the front of her shirt. Oh man, was I pissed. You can't even tell now that she cut it, but at the time, I was REALLY upset.

Friday 4:40 p.m. Brooklyn announces that she has peed her pants on the stairs.

Friday 5:30 p.m. Brooklyn announces that she has peed on her floor. By this time I lost it, I stripped her down and left quite the red handprint on her naked little bum. I then sat her down on the naughty chair, completely naked.

If you had enough patience to read through all of this, I will let you know she didn't almost die today, she didn't cut her hair today, and she didn't have one accident. It's been a much better day.

I'm sure you're wondering: And she is pregnant with another one? Is she crazy? Well, my motherly instinct is telling me it's a boy, so lets keep our fingers crossed.

I love my children dearly, but I am in need of SERIOUS break.

Ok, that's all I am going to boob about.

The End.

Monday, October 6, 2008

10 things I CAN'T live without?

I was tagged by Meegan to list 10 things I can't live without. I decided that most of these are 1o things I just dont WANT to live without.

1. Ty, of course.
He keeps me grounded when I need it the most. He also is the best father to our kids and I just love him.

2. Zachy and Brookie. Of course I need my kids! Yeah, I could go a couple of days without them, but then I would want them back.

3. Diet Coke. Yes, I love you. Need I say more?

4. Mmmmm...Sushi. I could seriously eat Sushi any time of day. That sounds so good right now.

5. Snowboarding. Oh how I wish I had the money to buy a season pass and go every single weekend this winter. This was truly the first love of my life, it's what made me love Ricks College. Well, I guess, until I met Ty.

Being pregnant has given me a few different cravings. The strongest is a mango peach Slurpee. I love them so much.

7. Having a good book to read. It is a rule I have that I ALWAYS have to be reading a book. I guess it's not a rule I made, it's just that I feel like something is missing if I don't have a good book to look forward to reading. It is so nice to get in bed early and read late.

8. Shopping for Brooklyn. Don't get me wrong. I really do LOVE shopping for myself, but it is sooo fun finding something cute for her. I could do it everysingle day. Sometimes I get online and put things in my shopping basket and pretend I'm going to buy them just to satisfy the urge.

9. Talking and Texting on my phone.

I know, it's kind of lame, but I really do love talking on the phone. I can get so much laundry folded while having a nice little chat with a friend. And texting is just fun, I mean who can argue with that?

10. Weekly visits to Target.

Ok, maybe I go more than once or twice a week. But it's great, especially when going with a friend! I love their clothes for the whole family. I love their beauty section. I think they have good buys on cereal, well, I could go on and on.

So there you go. I tag..Kellie, Rachel, Annemarie, Amy, and Tasha

Do it, or don't it's cool either way. It gave me something to blog about.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Family Pics

A couple of weeks ago our little family made the trek up to good ole' Rexburg to have my Fabulous friend Meegan take our family pics. She is an amazing photographer as you can see. I am so happy with what she has let me see so far. Here are a few of my cute little fam.
This was the coolest old abandonded house that was all boarded up. I would love to have broken inside and looked around.
I entered her pic on the Baby Gap casting call. How could she seriously not win???
I love his serious little face

I know this post is very self indulgent, but it's my blog so there.