Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Update

My husband informed me that my blog was way overdue for an update.
Brooklyn, who is 4, lost two teeth a few weeks ago. She lost both teeth in one night. They didn't get knocked out, they were loose. It was legit, I swear.
Zach turned 7 on July 10th. I can't belive my boy is so big! He had a rockin party with 8 friends, the awesome mother forgot the camera.
He also got Heelys, which he loves.
Will is 15 months and my sweet little terror. This child is so whiney, mischievious, and stubborn. However, he melts my heart. I decided today that he sometimes looks like an Ewok. (I thought Ewoks were cute)
He is also an only child for a few days. Zach and Brooklyn got to go camping with Grandma Bee and Grandpa Bill.  I think Will likes being an only child.