Saturday, April 26, 2008

fashion diva in the making

So, I know that Brooklyn is the typical little girl who loves everything pink and princess, but I think that I am creating a little fashion diva way too early. She does the typical princess dress up on a daily basis. She runs around the house saying, "I like pink I like purple!" "I am no white, I am seeping beauty, I am cinlala." But today she really stunned me. We were looking at a picture on the fridge that had polka dots on it and she says to me "I don't like poke dots". I had no idea she even knew what polka dots were! But she really does like them, because I will make her like them. Then later, I was zipping up her jacket and she looks down at the label and says "Gap." Oh man. Tyson says that she is a product of her environment so maybe I need to lay off? Nah, I really do love it. To add to everything else today, we had to paint her toenails purple and paint her fingernails sparkley hello kitty pink. Oh yes, and she is constantly asking me to put on my "pink" lip gloss and then proceeds to make a nice pink ring around her entire mouth. And I know she is just waiting for the day that I will actually let her wear my dangley earings, she always asks, but that is something I am not ready to deal with just yet. Oh I forgot, yesterday, she took all my high heels and lined them up perfectly in her room and then told me they were hers. Nice. I really could go on and on but I will refrain.

spring!....kind of

oh, the kids getting along for once, bubbles are just so exciting
they sat out on their little chairs for a really long time doing who know's what
Miss "don't take my picture"
it was decent weather today, so the kids spent most of the morning outside just being so happy to be outdoors

my lil' slugger

Good form, good form. This was his second game and he actually figured out that he's supposed to run to first base after he hits the ball
Probably talking smack to the other player
He already loves playing t-ball so much more than soccer. He gets so excited for his games, and so do I!
And of course, his little partner in crime. How cute are they in their little Sox uniforms.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


If you can't tell what this is, it is yet another fallen fish of Zach's. I cannot even begin to recap how many fish we (I) have killed in the past 3 months. The last school of fish was purchased by Zach's gradma and papa from Omaha. They bought him 4 guppies and a cute little frog. You can only imagine his exctiement. Two of the fish died probably a week after they came to live with us. I found the frog floating stiff as a board just last week. Then sadly, this morning little, um, doesn't have a name, was found floating at the top. The funny thing is, Zach doesn't even bother naming them anymore and he also isn't all that broken up when they are found dead. So, there is one lone little guppie left in the tank. I told Zach when this one dies, which of course, is bound to happen very soon, we are done with fish for a while. His response was, "yeah that's okay because they just keep dying and so it's better to let them stay alive at the fish store." Wise words beyond his years. ha!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

blondes have more fun..right?

There has been a request for me to post my new hair color on my blog, so here it is. It is a lot lighter than I have been in a REALLY long time. I do like it, but I was not expecting it to be this light, it actually looks lighter in real life than in the photo. anyhoo, it's always nice to have a change and when I came home Zach said, "mom you look sooo pretty!" so that's all that matters to me!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

these two...

are pretty entertaining. Zach got to have his buddy stay over for dinner a few days ago, and they were so excited. When I told them, that Sam could eat dinner with us, you would have thought it was Christmas. They jumped up and down and screamed and laughed. They were very entertaining all through dinner and when dessert came, it only got sillier. Thank goodness for little friends!

Zach the Graduate

Last Night was Zach's preschool graduation. He thought it was all very exciting and he loved showing off what he has learned this year. I couldn't find my camera to take to the graduation,too bad, because it was really cute seeing all the little kids sitting on these little chairs with their paper graduation caps. He is soo ready to go to kindergarten and I am soo ready for him to go. If only at least spring would come and stay so that he could be playing outside!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am FINISHED...with these!

For those of you who are not schooled in the ways of little girls and their princess gear, this is a very tiny princess polly pocket shoe. I have despised these tiny little shoes ever since Brooklyn recieved her first princess polly pocket. (thankyou Omaha Grandma). Anyways, I really don't like them because they are teeny tiny and they are really hard for little fingers to put on. So, Brooklyn is constantly asking me to put on the shoes and then gets really mad when they fall off and get lost, which happens seconds after the shoes are put on. One might ask why I didn't throw the shoes away a long time ago, well, I should have. Tonight Tyson and I were eating dinner when we heard Brookln crying in her room with the door shut. Tyson went to see what was wrong. She was sitting on her bed crying, saying, shoe..stuck..nose. Yes, she jammed a little shoe up her nose. It was very trumatic. We went and got the tweezers, but she is surpisingly strong for a little two year old. The shoe was way up there, you could barely see it at the right angle. So after about 15 minutes of Tyson trying to get it out and me using the booger sucker thingy, we called her pediatricians office, and luckily, there was someone still there. It took one doctor, one large long skinny pair of tweezers, some metal instrument to help spread open her tiny little nostril, one nurse to hold her head, one daddy to hold her body, and one mommy to hold her arms, to pull out the teeny little princess shoe. If any of you have ever heard Brooklyn scream, and most of you have, she sounds like a little cougar. And that's what it was in the doctors office, except this was more like a rabid cougar. Once the shoe was out she was fine. She told the doctor thankyou and even told me thankyou as we were pulling out of the parking lot. I said thankyou for taking you to the doctor? She said yes. So just a warning to all you mothers out there with those dang polly pocket shoes, they are too small to choke on, but not to small to get stuck in some other tiny little hole.

Just showing off the spot where the shoe was stuck.

Monday, April 7, 2008


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