Saturday, April 26, 2008

spring!....kind of

oh, the kids getting along for once, bubbles are just so exciting
they sat out on their little chairs for a really long time doing who know's what
Miss "don't take my picture"
it was decent weather today, so the kids spent most of the morning outside just being so happy to be outdoors


Rachel said...

Ah, bubbles are the best. I don't know of any kid who doesn't like them. Wasn't today nice? Tomorrow is supposed to be even better! Woohoo! See you at dinner.

Bailey said...

Fun! Brooklyn is so lucky to have a big brother who will blow bubbles for her. So does that mean it's fire pit weather yet? I am craving a good sit by the firepit with my good friends.

diane said...

I like the sitting on the chairs doing whatever! Precious swing pic.