Saturday, May 31, 2008

Zach's nature hike

It was so funny, because Zach was leading the way in the beginning, and then he wanted me in front, because he thought we were going to see snakes.
I just look a little too happy about carrying 25lbs on my back
Zach was in heaven being with his uncle Brett
Aww, what a cute little hiker
This was very treacherous crossing on this log, Zach did an awesome job.
Ty balancing like a champ
Brooklyn had to get out of the backpack so she could walk across the bridge

Zach has been begging us to take him hiking up Holbrook canyon for almost a month now. We keep telling him we will and we were planning on it on Memorial day, but it rained all day. So tonight he finally got to go. I hadn't been up that canyon since highschool and it brought back a lot of fun memories. It had cooled down just enough that it was perfect for the hike. He was so excited because his uncle Brett had just arrived from Omaha, so he got to come with us. Zach found lots of black beetles and little green and black worms that hang from the trees and land on you. Sick. It was a very easy little climb and really fun. The kids loved it. We would have kept going except the next crossing of the river was impossible. In a couple of months when the runoff isn't so high you would be able to step on rocks all the way across the river, but it was too deep today. All in all it was a fun little adventure.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Guns, Knives, and Swords

The 4 & 5 Year olds aka The Rockin' Volcanoes
The Eight year olds. aka The White Assassins

So Zach and his two pals came running into our house this afternoon saying they needed weapons for the "war". Of course they came to Zach's room to look through his arsenol of weapons. They quickly found what they needed and took off to fight with the big kids. As they left I called out "Be nice! Don't get into a real fight!" Um, did I do the right thing? to encourage violence among the local boys? I guess we will just see. I won't be surprised if I do end up getting a phone call from a mother.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a little white trash for your wednesday

yes, that is my son, shirtless with scratches on his back from climbing trees
and yes, this is my daughter, in her diaper and her winter coat. Don't worry it was a balmy 79 degrees out this evening
and the very edge of their father doing yard work in his hunter orange Utah Blaze T shirt. Maybe it was just me, but the whole scene just made me laugh.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

yep, it's time to play tag

Amy this is completely for you!

3 joys

Spending time with Tyson
Eating out at a really good restaurant
Cuddling with my kids in bed

3 fears

That we will live with my parents forever (ha)
That I am not a good enough mom and wife
I have a huge fear of heights

3 Goals

To someday become an esthetician
To get out of debt
To excercise faithfully (i know it will make me happier)

3 Current Obessions

I am obessesed with buying Brooklyn clothes (surprise surprise)
I am a little too obessesed with the color turquoise right now
and of course, blogging. Tyson would definitely agree with me on these

3 random surprising facts about me

um, I am really interested in learning about Henry VIII. I have read three books about him and am currently reading a fourth. It's odd, I know. I really do love history a lot.
If I could buy a new purse once a month I would be so happy, I love purses
I floss my teeth at LEAST twice a day
oh this one is fun, when I was a senior in highschool my friends and I ran topless around the football field at midnight. ahem, you know who you are!

Feel free to play along I would love to read your answers

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Last night we were trying to think of something fun and inexpensive to do with the kids. Everytime we drive by the Trax in Salt Lake, they beg to go on the "train." So last night we drove down to the Gateway and boarded the Trax there. They LOVED it. We rode up to about the library on 4th south and then got off and back on to go back to the beginning. It was really fun to see how excited they were. So if you're looking for a cheap thrill (ha) I mean free. Well, except for your gas to drive into SLC, it was a great time. I just wish I had taken my camera!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Slip'nSlide right on back to bad Weather

Just Look at how happy these two are! They had a blast playing on the slipnslide on Monday. It was a wonderful 92 degrees. Well, two days later, and the high was 55 and it rained all day long. I woke up very early this morning to yep, more rain. When oh when will it be nice enough to just have a little lunch at the park and let my kids play outside on a day to day basis???? I did, however, think these pictures captured the moment of pure joy on their little faces.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My four year old the Democrat

AOL was up on my laptop and Barack Obama's picture was on AOL today. Zach said "hey that's Barack Obama!" What???? I said, how do you know who that is? He said, "i have seen him on the news. that's who I am voting for." Once again, What?????? I told him he needs to vote for John Mccain, he said is that the girl? I said no, John Mccain just believes in what we do. But Zach's final statement, "well, I am voting for Barack Obama" so I have a mini democrat on my hands.

Bridging the Gap

the Gap
No Gap

For those of you who have not heard the ongoing saga of Jennie and her dentist adventures, I will fill you in. Way back at the beginning of February, I was fullfilling my calling as a visiting teacher. It had snowed quite a lot. I was traversing up the driveway to visit my fellow sister, when my not so grippy fake Uggs slipped right out from underneath me and I landed right on my two front teeth. It was all very ugly. I quickly ran inside and called my dentist. I had completely knocked my left front tooth loose and the right front tooth had a nice chip taken out of it. The dentist fixed the chipped tooth right away and then did a root canal on the loose one in order to "save" the tooth from death. Well, the tooth died anyway and of course started to turn brown at the top. If anyone knows me and my vanity at all, that did not fly with me. So I went back again and he injected the hole where my root canal had been performed, with bleach. He did this on 4 separate occasions. Long story short,(way too late) the tooth never was white enough for my liking and it still hurt like a mother. So I went to a different dentist (my childhood and families dentist). He did some x-rays and found that there was still decay in the root and that is why I still had pain and discoloration. So he did a root canal and injected it with bleach. It finally worked!! So after 3 1/2 months of repeated dental visits, I think that my teeth are fixed. Keep your fingers crossed! And to add to it all, he fixed my gap in between my two front teeth. I know most people didn't notice my gap, or thought it was "jennie" , but I am happy that it is gone. My father shed a single tear because we no longer share the bond of being gap toothed. I, am not so sad. the end

Monday, May 12, 2008

I Wonder

What is going on inside their little heads as they stare blankly at the television. What's worse, is I think they are watching something really lame like Spongebob.

Friday, May 9, 2008

just my little cuties

all I can say is Meegan, thankyou thankyou thankyou!
this was a lightning speed photoshoot. it was cold and we only had about 30 minutes before it started pouring rain. But I think they turned out so cute



Thursday, May 8, 2008

this guy....


Tomorrow is the big 3-0 for him. He is my best bud and I love him to death.