Tuesday, May 27, 2008

yep, it's time to play tag

Amy this is completely for you!

3 joys

Spending time with Tyson
Eating out at a really good restaurant
Cuddling with my kids in bed

3 fears

That we will live with my parents forever (ha)
That I am not a good enough mom and wife
I have a huge fear of heights

3 Goals

To someday become an esthetician
To get out of debt
To excercise faithfully (i know it will make me happier)

3 Current Obessions

I am obessesed with buying Brooklyn clothes (surprise surprise)
I am a little too obessesed with the color turquoise right now
and of course, blogging. Tyson would definitely agree with me on these

3 random surprising facts about me

um, I am really interested in learning about Henry VIII. I have read three books about him and am currently reading a fourth. It's odd, I know. I really do love history a lot.
If I could buy a new purse once a month I would be so happy, I love purses
I floss my teeth at LEAST twice a day
oh this one is fun, when I was a senior in highschool my friends and I ran topless around the football field at midnight. ahem, you know who you are!

Feel free to play along I would love to read your answers


Annemarie said...

just don't floss, topless, while reading about history...

diane said...

flossing-me too...invisalign
Boleyn Inheritance-addicted

alison said...

Shame on you, you naughty girl! I hope your parents don't read this.

You would be horrified if you knew how often I floss.

BTW, I didn't go back to bed. I had drive the carpool.

AMY said...

Love the topless memory! Oh those were the days. Wait did I just admit I was there! hee hee... thanks for playing. I know it seems to be getting a little old, but always fun to read. So yesterday I finished The Other Boleyn Girl, all about King Henry. When I was done I was so intrigued I had to look up on line about more. See Jen these are fun facts we find out about each other by playing;)

Megan Bartlett said...

You KIIIIILL me, jennie! Oh my gosh...now that sounds amazingly liberating...running topless in a football stadium. Luv that! I just finished a book called, "The Secret Bride" which is actually the story about Henry VIII's little favorite sister, Mary. Give it a looksie...it's interesting!

Karla said...

Hey Jen - I hadn't seen your blog for awhile - it is so freakin cute. It is so fun to read - you write everything so well and it's like I can hear your voice while I read it. Anyway, I'm glad that now the only people who know about the topless track incident are those who read your blog, Amy, you, me, Libby, and everyone who was at Libby's wedding dinner. Hopefully I will see you next week!