Monday, October 6, 2008

10 things I CAN'T live without?

I was tagged by Meegan to list 10 things I can't live without. I decided that most of these are 1o things I just dont WANT to live without.

1. Ty, of course.
He keeps me grounded when I need it the most. He also is the best father to our kids and I just love him.

2. Zachy and Brookie. Of course I need my kids! Yeah, I could go a couple of days without them, but then I would want them back.

3. Diet Coke. Yes, I love you. Need I say more?

4. Mmmmm...Sushi. I could seriously eat Sushi any time of day. That sounds so good right now.

5. Snowboarding. Oh how I wish I had the money to buy a season pass and go every single weekend this winter. This was truly the first love of my life, it's what made me love Ricks College. Well, I guess, until I met Ty.

Being pregnant has given me a few different cravings. The strongest is a mango peach Slurpee. I love them so much.

7. Having a good book to read. It is a rule I have that I ALWAYS have to be reading a book. I guess it's not a rule I made, it's just that I feel like something is missing if I don't have a good book to look forward to reading. It is so nice to get in bed early and read late.

8. Shopping for Brooklyn. Don't get me wrong. I really do LOVE shopping for myself, but it is sooo fun finding something cute for her. I could do it everysingle day. Sometimes I get online and put things in my shopping basket and pretend I'm going to buy them just to satisfy the urge.

9. Talking and Texting on my phone.

I know, it's kind of lame, but I really do love talking on the phone. I can get so much laundry folded while having a nice little chat with a friend. And texting is just fun, I mean who can argue with that?

10. Weekly visits to Target.

Ok, maybe I go more than once or twice a week. But it's great, especially when going with a friend! I love their clothes for the whole family. I love their beauty section. I think they have good buys on cereal, well, I could go on and on.

So there you go. I tag..Kellie, Rachel, Annemarie, Amy, and Tasha

Do it, or don't it's cool either way. It gave me something to blog about.


Annemarie said...

I could just copy and paste yours. Well, except I'd have to change Tyson to John..Kids to mine..hate sushi...crap, I'll just do it.

alison said...

Can you drink DC while your pregnant? I missed it when I was pregnant. Luckily, I can always go to Target!

Nick said...

No, Jennie do NOT drink Diet Coke while pregnant. Your child will come out with all sorts of problems. You can live w/o this for 9 months.

derrickfam said...

I am TOTALLY with you on the Target thing. That store has sucked my wallet dry...

CourtandJord said...

mm yes, i do love all of those things. Me and jordan miss your family a lot and want to drive up there for a weekend really bad

Tavan said...

Good stuff! I totally hear you on a few things. I was in the central coast of Cali this weekend and I had some fresh sushi there that was AMAZING. Once baby #3 gets to be a year or so old, you and I will take a road trip to the coast and OD on fresh sushi :)

rachel said...

That's a fun post - we're off to Arizona for the week, but I can't wait to do it when we get back...although, most of your top 10 is exactly what I'll have on mine, except I'll exchange your DC for a Diet Dr. Pepper...yes, even when pregnant! :)

Lawsons said...

agreed, that's all i can say- i am with ya on the shopping! I love shopping for my girls more than anything- it's a problem!

CourtandJord said...

also, that picture of zach and brookie is the most precious picture of them. you can tell how much they love eachother

Megan Bartlett said...

First off, I LOVE your new family pictures! They are fantastic! And I totally agree...How could Brooklyn not win??? The pictures are GREAT of all of you! Secondly, I love your Top 10 list! Sooo cute. Love the picture of Ty and the kids!