Thursday, February 28, 2008

another nap down the drain

This morning I had a dentist appointment, so I took Zach to school and then I went to my appointment. I left Brooklyn at home with my mom. After I was finished, I picked Zach up from school and then ran a quick errand. I was home at around noon and here was Brooklyn passed out on the kitchen floor. My mom is chatting away on her phone with her mother. Don't even think that I am blaming my mother for any of this, because I am not. But of course she woke up within five minutes of us being home. So for the second time this week she has gone without a nap. You might ask, what is the big deal? Well, in the grand scheme of things it really isn't. But on a day to day basis this is a big thing for her little two year old body. It did make for a cute picture, don't you think?


derrickfam said...

Jen! Holy cow, It's really you! How are you? I"m so glad to see your comment on my post...your family is so adorable. Has that much time really passed? I'm actually in Utah right now. Do you still live in Bountiful? I thought about you over Christmas, but had no clue how to get ahold of you. Anyways, so glad you found our blog. I've missed that cute face of yours.

Kambria said...

Oh my goodness Jen!!!! I am so glad that you found me =)
Ok I can't believe that you have two kids already (WOW) they are super cute. Now we will be able to keep in touch!

Kellie and Nick said...

i love pictures of kids sleeping in weird places...this is great!

Annemarie said...

Nap time is NOT TO BE MESSED WITH!! It is sacred time, and when it doesn't happen...... so sorry!

Sarah said...

Oh be still my heart, I can't believe it's my Jennie!

I had a dream about you about a month ago, I was at your house in Bountiful and trying to find you. crazy.
I have been wondering about you for so long. You are now a link on my blog, so we can chat. I would love to catch up.
I see you found Kam...did you see Tay and Tiff on my links too?

meegan said...

oh what a tender header picture! :)