Friday, February 1, 2008

going fishing

Yesterday was a big day for Zach. Let me give you a little history behind his first fish. He has been asking for a dog for about a year and a half now. Not just any dog, but a black lab. He wants one soooo bad. The reason behind wanting a black lab is that his dad had a black lab named Jackson shortly after we were married. Zach never met the dog, but he randomly asks me, "Mom, when can we get a dog? I really want one." Me, not being a dog person at ALL,responds, "Zach maybe we can get one when we move into a different house." So far, that has seemed to satifsfy him. Just the other day he decided that he would like some fish. That, I can handle. So yesterday, after Tyson got home from work, and after convincing him not to go to the gym, we headed down to Bird World to purchase some fish. Zach was overjoyed and he picked out 3 very brightly colored little fish. So, we have entered the world of pets, if you can call a fish a pet. Zach sure does. He even named them, Frank, Lilly, and Fransisco. They stay in his room up on top of his dresser and he loves them. We'll see how long they live. I really couldn't believe how much it costs to get equipped to own a few measly fish! Yeah for Zach and his new pets!


Anonymous said...

You KILL me, Jennie! I love the fish story. Yeah for Zach! What are you going to do when the fish exceed their life-limit of 3 days? And have fun cleaning out that tank...yuck, yuck, yuck. But you're such a good mom for giving him some fish! I didn't know you weren't a dog person! I had been begging Ben for a dog before we had Luke and he kept saying no. Then my girlfriend asked me to watch her dog for a week and after that, my desire for a dog was promptly squashed. Too much work!

diane said...

I love the names!

Rachel said...

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. I think this EVERY time I see fish. I can't help it.

LOVE the names he came up with.

WE had a goldfish named JAWS that lived for 3 years when I was a teeneager. My mom HATED him cause he wouldn't go belly up. He was super fish - indestructible!

Annemarie said...

you're a nice mom!!