Friday, February 15, 2008

Zach and Sam

These two have some pretty entertaining conversations when they are together, here is a sample of one that I was able to overhear.
sam "hey where did you get that car?"
zach "well, there's this GIRL and her name is Omaha Grandma, she gave it to me."
sam "does she live in Omaha?"
zach "yeah she does with my papa.
sam "oh is his name omaha papa?"
zach "nope, just papa"
i don't know, maybe his mom and I will be the only ones to enjoy this, sorry.
this is one of the few that doesn't include the potty talk that dominates their conversations.


Annemarie said...

Cute pics "Omaha Jennie"...they are so funny! Thanks for having Sam's been a very peaceful afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

diane said...

His Auntie Di loves it too! One of my nephews called me Aunt Diego for awhile. Too funny!!

Karla said...

I just figured out that I could leave a comment even though I don't have my own blog - I am very excited! Your pictures are so cute - you look so good and your little family looks so happy. We need to get together soon - give me a call when you get a chance.
I would go back to the carefree times for one day, too - but only if we could go up to Brighton in the Subaru (foggy windows on the way up the canyon, freezing cold and clear on the way down - do you remember?).