Tuesday, June 3, 2008

SOOO Annoyed

Zach and his friend are out in the backyard playing, which is a wonderful thing. Except the windows are open and all I can hear are their little voices imitating Patrick from Spongebob. Now, this is a voice that I really can't handle. When Zach talks in this voice I tell him to stop because it makes him sound really dumb. It seriously sounds like they are mentally handicapped. I know that they are little boys and it's fine, so I am not asking for a solution to this or even sympathy. I am just venting and saying ahhh! I hate that voice!!!
Mother of the friend, do not feel bad or apologize, we can laugh about it later.


Annemarie said...

Oh, just you wait for the things to come...I have little annoyances stockpiled!

diane said...

So you're saying they are "special"...special ed.
My kids joke, I coudn't resist.

alison said...

Jennie, Jennie, Jennie,

Remember your dazed look blog, when they are watching tv? I said they are learning. When they are speaking "Patrick" it's a sign of intelligence. It's like they have learned the gift of tongues. Why do people home school when all they have to do is have their child watch Sponge Bob?