Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hot Dog, I love my weinie Man

Last Saturday was our ward's summer party. The theme was Hot Diggity Dog. The invitations advertised that there was going to be a HOT DOG eating CONTEST. As soon as Ty saw this he was all over it. "I am going to enter and I am going to win!" he said. " also "I will bring in my secret strategy that I learned while watching the pros on T.V." When the big day came, he seemed ready, but as the moment approached I could tell he was beginning to feel a little aprehensive. I gently coaxed him up to the table and the competition began. He had his whole plan for victory worked out in his mind. They had to see who could eat the most hotdogs in 2 minutes. There were 6 contestants in all. Two 17 year olds, a returned missionary, Tyson and his buddy, John (they were the only actual adults), and a 4 year old little girl.

The contestants all ready to stuff their faces. Look how confident Ty looks
Ty and John talking smack to each other under their breath
oh, look at him go! his bright idea was to eat the weinie first and then soak the bun in water. Apparently, it helps it go down quicker.
He's lookin kind of sick here.

In the end Ty finished a whopping 2 hot dogs in 2 minutes. His older and wiser competetor ate 3 1/2 and was the winner. Nice work, John. The best part is, the four year old little girl also ate 2. Those didn't include the bun of course, but that is some serious meat for such a little one.
Anyways, even though I don't have the bragging rights that John's wife has, it was a very entertaining 2 minutes for us all.


diane said...

What is it with guys and competition?!

alison said...

Doesn't a hot dog eating contest go against the Word of Wisdom, All Things in Moderation? I like a good hot dog but shoving them down my mouth doesn't sound appealing. The look on John's face looks like he knows he's going to win and he's being modest about it.

Annemarie said...

I could've eaten 4...

Your little brother said...

Lame. He only ate 2!!?? Also, Phil is an adult, so there were actually 3 of them.