Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Zach the photographer

" Mom, when can we get my bike out of the shed so I can ride it down to Sam's house?"

Zach recieved a fisherprice digital camera from his grandma and papa for Christmas. He loves it. He is constantly taking pictures of anything and everything. And I mean everything, the t.v., the floor, his foot, the walll,Brooklyn screaming because she doesn't want him taking her picture. The camera is obviously not super high quality, but it does the job for a 4 year old. When he saw me posting pictures on my blog he told me that he wanted me to put some of his pictures on my blog, I told him yeah sure. So this morning we got out his camera to put the pictures on the computer and he had decided to delete every picture that he had taken. I was a little bit sad because he did have some cute ones on there. He picked up the camera a went out on the back porch in his bare feet to take some more for the blog. I have to say they turned out pretty good for his little skills. So here are a few of Zach's photos. Mostly, he is just wishing that the backyard was not filled with snow so that he could be playing outside. He has a MaJOR case of cabin fever. He asked me to take a picture with his camera to post with his others, not his most handsome face, but it's my Zachy.


Rachel said...

Wow Zach - you're an awesome photographer!!! Next time we come to your house, will you take a few pictures of our family? We'll see you this weekend! I love you so much!
Aunt Rachel

Annemarie said...

Nice job, Zach! Feel free to ride that bike down anytime, Sam will be waiting!

meegan said...

awesome! he can be my backup shooter!