Saturday, January 19, 2008

Potty Trained!!!...just about

So... Brooklyn is I would say, potty trained. She didn't have any accidents yesterday and she tells me when she has to go and she will even take her pants off, if possible, and sit on the toilet all by her little self! I love it. I am so glad that we are just about done with diapers. There are some downfalls though, last night, she and I were at Target and she kept telling me that she had to go poo. So I kept taking her to the bathroom. Everytime we went she did go pee but no poop. We ended up making 6, yes, 6 trips to the restroom while at Target. That's almost enough to stick a diaper back on that teeny little butt. Also, one time she tried to go pee at home without her potty seat on the toilet and she fell in, she came in my room with her bum and legs and arms all wet. How scary would that be? Now we just have to work on getting rid of her binkey!


Bailey said...

Good job Brooklyn! So I am temporarily giving up on Kooper potty training he loved it the first two days and did great now he cries and always says no if we ask if he wants to go potty. So I will wait until we move and then try again. Urggggg!

Anonymous said...

Wow! No more diapers! Just think of all the new clothes you can buy Brooklyn! I love your little family. Hope that package comes soon! Love you, Diana

Anonymous said...

I told you I was retarded! I can't even figure out how to sign my name to a comment!

Anonymous said...

HOly crap! That's hilarious! OMG - I can't believe you had to take her to the Target bathroom SIX times! Yikes. And she fell in the toilet! Was she totally crying?
Oh - and I know! I have got to read "Outlander"...or whatever that series is called. It's a must!
Gosh...two kids and no diapers. That's a dream come true!

Annemarie said...

alright...there's a little one at my house awaiting your potty training services. You are offering, right?