Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two Year old Pictures

This one is cheesey and they did a bunch with the bear and trunks.

I took Brooklyn to get her two year old pictures taken at Target. I was wishing that my ever talented friend Meegan could take them, but being as she lives 3 hours away and I am the most impatient person ever, we had to settle on good old Target. They turned out decent enough. Some of them were ever so cheesey, but I had to post them anyway. She was really cooperative during the whole session, maybe that's why the lady kept wanting to dress her up in other clothes.


Rachel said...

WOW - she looks so grown up! I love the black and white one the best. You're right, the last ones are a little cheesy, but at least she was being cooperative. Last fall, I left Target practically in tears because Hallie was SO naughty. We didn't get even ONE picture out of that session. Please make sure to save a picture for us!!!

Annemarie said...

These turned out so cute!!!! I love the first one and the one with her toes is pretty sweet. Cute "Brokelyn"! We love her!

meegan said...

those are so cute! It's pretty much impossible to take a bad picture of such and ADORABLE little Brooklyn.

Kellie and Nick said...

super cute!