Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Somewhere in the middle of America

Zach and his aunt Courtney getting ready for Christmas Eve
Brooklyn LOVED Ty's grandma, "Gamber". She doesn't even really know her, but she will go right up to her and sit on her lap and just be her little friend. It's very sweet and Gamber loved it.
After Santa had delivered his goods.
Christmas Morning. Look how cute their p.j.s are!!
Of course Brookie went straight for the pez

We had a wonderful Christmas week. We traveled to Omaha to spend Christmas with Ty's family. We left the friday before Christmas. As we started out on I-80 we learned that the roads were closed up ahead in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. We ended up having to stay in Rawlins Wyoming on Friday night and then continued our journey for most of the day, Saturday. So after road closures, a $250 speeding/carseat violation ticket, we were happy to be in Omaha. We had lots of fun spending time with Tyson's family. 5 of the 6 kids and their spouses were there, minus Clint and Mary and little Jack who had to stay home in warm California. We ate and ate and played games and watched movies and just had a wonderful time. Family is such a blessing and it is so nice to spend the holidays with them.


Annemarie said...

I'm glad you had lots of fun...but I'm MORE glad that you're back :)!!

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