Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Panties! and puking

Hooray for Brooklyn's new Elmo panties. We have officially, I guess, started potty training.
Oh I just love her little bum in panties
Zachy being sick all day Saturday :(

Ok, so I'm not sure how well this whole potty training thing is going to work out, but she does love her new Elmo underwear. Tyson and I came home from our date on Friday night to find out that Zach had thrown up. Thankgoodness he didn't make a mess for the babysitter. He was one sick kid during the night, poor little Zach. By 9 a.m. he was done puking and he just layed around the rest of the day. Thankfully no one else got sick.....yet. Brooklyn decided to wear her panties all day on Saturday and only had one accident. Oh wait two and one was poop. Zach was so easy to potty train and she is NOT going to be as easy. She is just so stubborn and wants to sit on the toilet and then gets mad at me when I put her on there. We just spent 10 minutes in the bathroom getting on and off of the toilet, deciding what to do. aagghh! This is my own fault.


Rachel said...

I hate potty training. If it makes you feel any better, Hallie pooped in her pull-up this morning and she is THREE!!! She still wears Pull-ups at night and if I don't get her changed back into her panties first thing in the morning, she'll just go in it cause she's lazy. SO GROSS!!!

Annemarie said...

That is a pretty cute bum!!

heidi said...

Jen! alright so I started a blog. I dont know what I am doing. i dont know how to add others blogsites, help!, do you just post photos on the sides? what else can I do?