Sunday, August 15, 2010


Friday afternoon we headed out for a quick camping trip for our ward campout. The kids had such a great time. They had lots of friends to play and go exploring with.
This is Will's cheeser face for the camera

There was a pie eating contest. Kids category was first
The aftermath of the kids competition. Zach ate like a champ and camp in second place.
Tyson also came in a close second.
Jennie was the champion pie eater in the womens division
We had such a great time on our short but very fun camping trip.



Jen, I love how I would know your kids anywhere by their great style. Camping sounds fun!

Kellie said...

looks like fun!

William said...

Mom reporting in...darling pics. Keeping them coming. love you all!

Sid said...

how fun! im glad you won! way to go!