Saturday, July 4, 2009

my little project...

Mike and Bailey came to stay with us on Thursday and Friday nights. Bailey and I decided to make some cute little onesies for our babies. The project turned into new shirts for the whole family it was lots of fun.
Tyson and Zach getting ready to go fishing in their matching homemade Volcom t-shirts.
Will just looking happy that he matches his daddy and big brother.
These are all the onesies that I made for will. He is gonna be so stylin. The guns and roses onesie is a little bit WT but I still think its cute. And who knew you could get some Ed Hardy onesies for so cheap? ha ha
My future snowboarder.

Bailey made a bunch of onesies for Maddox too. Will and Maddox are about a month a half apart. It was lots of fun having them here. I just wish they could have stayed longer, it went by way too fast.

So my little iron on idea was a hit and very fun. Don't worry I made some cute Roxy and Volcom stuff for Brooklyn too.


Sid said...

too cute- where do you get all the iron ons? very cute!

Kellie said...

ha, that's funny

Annemarie said...

Very, very cute...and creative! You are turning into Martha right before my eyes!

AMY said...

Now you need to tell us how we can make our own... where did you get the logos? Those are all AWESOME! I bet Zach loved matching Tyson.

Candi said...

Very cute!