Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun With Chalk

Our evening ritual lately has been taking the kids for a walk and then going out on the back patio to enjoy the nice evening air.
As you can see, Will enjoys this time outside very much
Just look at this little face! I am so in love with his BROWN eyes
Brooklyn and I decided to show off our artistic skills in chalking
Brooklyn's peace sign. Not bad.
I am such a hippie, ha ha.
Hard at work, getting her clean jammies dirty right before bed.


AMY said...

Oh, that Will is going to be a heartbreaker! He melts my heart at just the sight of him!

Yay, I love to see he fits into Evan's shirt. Though it is weird to think Evan was that small not that long ago.

Glad to hear you cute little family is enjoying summer evening... it is my favorite time of the day. I am sure I will be missing them when winter is here and it is dark at five and freezing.

Kellie said...

will is adorable. nice chalk art, i'm impressed

Annemarie said...

Will is yummy and you can "leave" him at my house any time!