Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Zachary!!!!

My little boy turned 6 on friday and he had a great birthday. I am so happy that he finally is 6! He has been talking about this birthday for a very long time and he feels so big, it's funny.
Grandma Bee gave him some legos for his birthday and he built this all by himself, he was very proud.
His totally awesome skateboard that he is so excited to learn to ride.
He got an Ipod Shuffle and Tyson put a bunch of music on it. He was in heaven. After Zach opened his presents, we hopped in the car and headed out to Vernal to spend the weekend with Eric and his kids. Zach listened to his Ipod pretty much the entire drive. His favorite song that he kept playing over and over and over was "Ridin Dirty" by Chamilionaire. We know this because he kept singing "tryin to catch me ridin dirty, ridin dirty." it got very old.
We had a BBQ at the park in Vernal for his birthday.
His face is so shiny because of all the bug spray on it.
Will got his share of the frosting from sneaky Tyson.
Zach had a great birthday and I loved watching him get so excited over everything.
Happy Birthday to my big 6 year old.


Annemarie said...

Yea, being six is pretty cool. He looks older and cooler already!

Cute Zach!!

Clint and Mary said...

I cant believe he is 6!!!! I remember Zach liking that song a couple of years ago....Jack has had some favorites for a long time too. Happy B-Day Z!

Rachel said...

Yay!!! Happy Birthday Zacky!!! Love that kid... and he's right - suddenly he is SO big! How did that happen? =)

Tasha said...

6?! I can't believe he is 6!! I remember when he was born and your mom was telling us all about him! that seems like it was just yesterday!

Meegan said...

Aw Happy birthday Zach! Sweet Skateboard. He'll be awesome and famous and make lots of money and it will all stem back to the amazing 6th birthday ...
how does it feel to be the coooooolest parents?

Kellie said...

he really is getting so big. is it weird to have a 6 year old?