Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We Finally Let em Go!

Can you guess what's inside Brooklyn's envelope?
All of Her Binkeys!

For the past few months I have only let her have her binkey at naptime or bedtime. But lately she will find one and hide out in her room and just take a few little sucks off one. It drives me crazy watching her running around the house with a binkey hanging out of her mouth like a cigar. What's worse is when I won't give in and then she whines and whines for one. So on Monday I asked her if she would like to get all of her binkeys and put them in an envelope and send them to a baby. What baby? Who knows! To my surprise, she joined right in and helped me put them all in her own envelope. We took them out to the mailbox and that was that. She has been really good about it, which in itself, is shocking! Her naps take about an hour and a half to get her to actually go to sleep, but other than that it has been pretty smooth. Last night she was sweetly asking for it at bedtime and I seriously wanted to give them back, only because she is not a baby anymore and it kind of makes me sad.


alison said...

Should I make this comment about you or about me? How about both? First, you rock!!! That's so awesome she's done. Me? I'm crying because my daughter is ADDICTED to her binky. I have her teeth to prove it. Waaa!

Kellie and Nick said...


Annemarie said...

I love these pictures

heidi said...

Good Job Jenni, I think I saw the little mailing the binky's away on Super Nanny once, the Binky Fairy left a surprise in the mailbox for sending them to her. It was cute! Sorry she had a meltdown today, but good for you for standing firm, she knows you mean business now! :)