Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

To start out our 4th of July day we went to see the centerville parade. it was warm, but fun. Zach and Brooklyn LOVED all the candy that was thrown to them. It was the perfect length too, only about an hour long.

Brooklyn was being difficult, she would NOT look at the camera
Waiting for the parade to begin
Goofy goofy Brookie
She was sooo excited. The float had all of the princesses on it. and Belle even waved to her.
Next we headed over to Alison's house for a sweet swim party. They had a giant waterslide and giant slip n slide and a snow cone machine. How cool is that?

Brookie got cold pretty quickly, it was kind of cloudy
Yay! snow cones!

We ended the night with fireworks and then watched Kung Fu Panda in the backyard on the big screen. The kids had a blast
Matt and Lizzie all ready for the movie
Brookie and Sam
Matt, Zach, and Zach
We had a great fourth of July it was a day packed full of fun, aimed to please the kids. I think we were successful!


Megan Bartlett said...

Way cute photos! You're so cute in your hat, Jennie! And that swimming party and slumber party looked awesome! Very fun! I'm excited to see you in about two and a half weeks!!

Annemarie said...

Such a fun day!

Kellie and Nick said...

How cool is that slide! I bet they loved it!

Rachel said...

How fun! So what time is next year's party?

Tavan said...

wow, Brooke is totally your mini-me! The close up pics of her look exactly like you :) Super cute kids.

AMY said...

What fun! It makes me what to be a kid again... going down the big waterslides and sleeping in the backyard with cousins. Life would be so boring without kids, I love reliving things through them. Someday your kids are going to thank you for all the good memories you have given them!

Courtney Bartlett said...

awwww. i love this day. brookie looks adorable in her little dress. you are such good parents it looks like zach and b had a sweet day.