Tuesday, November 27, 2007

THIS. Is what I get excited about!

Today it snowed for the first time this season. I cannot tell you how excited I get about the first real snow that sticks to the ground and the trees. I LOVE IT. I know that a lot of people get bugged by it, but I really love it. I even like driving in it. It just gets me sooo excited for Christmas and playing in the snow with my kids and SNOWBOARDING!! Even though I will probably only get to go a couple of times this year. It brings back memories of being little and loving the snow and then even learing to love it more as I started snowboarding. It makes me so giddy and happy inside. So needless to say, today was a happy day for me.


Kellie and Nick said...

That's a way pretty picture!

Kellie and Nick said...

Nick says: I love snow. The Christmas lights were so pretty with the freshly fallen snow.

Annemarie said...

I LOVE it, too...but not the driving in it part..it's the California girl in me. I love it when everyone in my family is at home and all cozy inside!