Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Birthday

I have to say that this year I had quite a good birthday. The celebration started the weekend before when Tyson took me out to dinner to the Happy Sumo. I am so loving that place right now. The next night we got to go to a Halloween costume party. On Sunday, my whole family came over for dinner and celebrated and we had a yummy yummy chocolatey cake from costco. On my acutal bday, my friend Annemarie had me over to her house for lunch. mmm cafe rio. And I got so many phone calls and emails and texts that day. It was lots of fun. Then the next night Libby and Karla took me out to California Pizza Kitchen. So after five days and about 10 lbs more, I am happy to be 28, and feel so loved.
ps. notice Nicks nerdy halloween shirt in the background. What a goon, I love it.

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