Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prize for the Best Dad

Friday night, I had to work. Tyson got a call at about 5:30 pm from a coworker. He told him he had some extra tickets to the Jazz game if he wanted them. Tyson loaded up all three kids by himself, drove 50 minutes to SLC and took the kids to the Jazz game. What a great daddy!
Their seats were two rows from the very very very top ha ha ha!
The kids had a blast. Even Will enjoyed all the excitement.

Zach and Brooklyn had so much fun going to the game with their dad. Ty earned some major points for being such a "fun" dad.


Courtney Bartlett Morris said...


kelliej said...

Okay, I am seriously so impressed. There is no way in hell I would have done that by myself! And...purty sure Greg doesn't know what to do with 2. Good job Ty!

Sid said...

that is impressive!! i didn't know you were working? where do you work?

Uriona Family said...

I was just about to ask the same thing. where are you working?

Ty is a great dad!! You are a great mom too though. :)

We miss you guys around here. Everytime we pass your parents house Dax says sadly, that used to be Zach's house but it isn't anymore.