Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Festivities

We took the kids trick or treating to the Junction downtown Ogden

Brooklyn's Bat costume was one of my favorite's.
We decided that Zach was going to be a mummy and he was super excited.

The kids had a great Halloween. We went trick or treating to my work, had the missionaries over for soup and breadsticks, went to our ward's Trunk or Treat, took them out for a little more trick or treating, and had them home and in bed by 7:30. SCORE.


diane said...

You fed the missionaries! That is my favorite part.

The kids are cute too!

Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

Zach's costume is so awesome. I'm glad you didn't shy away from the facepaint. I miss those little buggers so much.

Nick said...

Zach's costume is the best. Nice work.

Annemarie said...

Zach looks AWESOME!!

Kellie said...

awesome costumes! what's ty? a smoker? :)

rachel said...

Those costumes are awesome! Honestly, adorable...and very scary in Zach's case. :)

I'm a little behind in blogging, so Happy Birthday! Also, those family pictures are amazing...quite the family of models!