Friday, September 5, 2008

Our new pet...for a day

Trying to find her prince charming

Last weekend it rained and rained at our house. On Sunday night, Tyson found a salamander in my parents window well. He went out and caught it and thought it would be a fun pet for Zach to have. Those were not my same thoughts. The next morning the kids were thrilled to see their new friend and they even named him after their great grandpa, whom they never got to meet. Wylo the Salamander. Brooklyn even thought it would be fun to give Wylo kisses. Ewww. After one day of the salamander being in the little cage in Zach's room, he let it go. I kept telling him it was going to die and he didn't want Wylo's blood on his hands, so to speak. Thank goodness he listens to me some of the time.


Rachel said...

Yeah, Dallin still feels a little guilty about Larry the snake's death.

I wonder where Wylo came from - he's a pretty good sized salamander!

And yeah, kisses from Brooklyn are great, but EEEWWW!!!

Megan Bartlett said...

Hahaha! I love that story! Ewwww...a salamander!

alison said...

Gosh, maybe you should go to the pet store and buy some! yuk! You know where they come from? They are from the irrigation water. They live in the sprinkler pipes. My neighbor finds them all the time. Ewwww.

Bailey said...

That is so nasty! It would have been an even cooler story if it had gotten loose in the house.

Annemarie said...

YUCK-Y. LOVE the name Wylo...classic.