Sunday, March 2, 2008

lets go fly a kite!

Zach has been begging me to take him to fly his kite ever since he got it. It has been sitting in his room for about a year and a half and it was finally the perfect day to fly a kite. So we put Brookie to nap while Grandma and Grandpa napped, and then we stopped to pick up Sam and we were off to Muller Park fields. Zach had a blast. Neither he nor Sam wanted to hold the kite for too long because it was too much work, so they had fun running freely around the field while mom held the kite. Hunter and Gavin joined us a little bit later and then it got really cold really fast so we left, but Zach had a great time.


diane said...

I love the picture of the back of Zach and Sam! Such cute little buddies.

Bailey said...

So fun. I love your hat! It looks so cold in bountiful, and I'm sure I am safe to assume windy. Kites what a great idea I bet Koop would love that. We should try that sometime.

Annemarie said...

Such cute pics! (Sam) "Jennie, I'm cold..." hmmmmmm!