Monday, May 10, 2010

St George for a week!!

The kids and I headed down to St. George last Sunday evening to spend the week with Rindy and her kids. We had a blast. The weather was gorgeous and the kids had such a great time.
I posted a lot of pics, so just beware.
We took the kids to the park and had a picnic. Will is hiding behind the plant he is eating.
He loved the swing so much
We went swimming almost every day. They loved it.
Will LOVED the water.
Zach never wanted to stop swimming
Mia is 2, and she cracks everyone up.
Cute cute Addie is a little fish!
The kids all ready to go on an early morning walk
Total cheesey picture, but we thought it was so funny, we had twinner clothes.
We went to the Cotton Days parade on Saturday morning
Tyson and Jesse took Zach and Addie to the Pro Bull Riding on Saturday Night.
Cute Boys
We hiked the red rock and the kids had a blast.
Will was trying to wiggle out of my arms the entire time.
Tyson rode the shuttle down on Thursday, we were so happy to have our Daddy join in the fun.
We celebrated Tyson's Birthday and Mother's day on Sunday with dinner and a birthday cake for Ty.  We had such a great week, it was hard to want to come back to reality and the cold rainy weather.


Uriona Family said...

Your kids are SO cute, but they are growing up WAY too fast! Especially little Will!

And...look at you!! Sign me up for your rockin mom body! Thanks for the inspiration, maybe someday I too can look buff and toned and beautiful like you.

Kellie said...

looks like fun! i'm ready for warm weather here!

Meegan said...

p.s. your twinner outfits are precious. :)

Kambria said...

Jenni I live in St. George next time you come down here we need to get together. By the way you look great!

Anonymous said...

Looks so fun! I am wishing for warm weather too! Cute pics!