Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Nugget

This is my newest little nephew Luke. He is one of the most adorable newborns I have seen. My kids love him and can't wait until their little baby brother arrives. Last night Brooklyn decided that his name should be Nugget instead of Luke. I have no idea why, but that is what she calls him.
This of course causes lots of giggles between Zach and Brooklyn. He is a cute little nugget isn't he?
*I hope this is ok with Nick and Kellie, she is in no way, making fun of your precious child*


Clint and Mary said...

Hi baby Nugget! He looks like a little angel baby!!! I see his mama in his sweet face! Congrats! Can't wait to meet him and baby Will!

Annemarie said...

Baby Nugget is beautiful!

Nick said...

Don't worry we're not offended, we call him that now too sometimes. Thanks Crooklyn for the nickname.

Bailey said...

Wow he really is one of the most beautiful newborns I have seen. Congrats to your bro.

AMY said...

Yep, he is one beautiful baby. Amazing he came out so perfect looking, my babies all looked like they had been through a fight.

Hey, Jen have you got the box I sent you yet? Let me know.

Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

he looks looks like as sweet angel!!
Hopefully we will get to see him next weekend when we come down